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From Montreal to Capetown
as a Deckhand on a Norwegian Freighter
Then by Jeep
Across Colonial Africa

First Book
On the roughest route north, through countries in turmoil

In 1962 at the height of the Cuban missile crisis, a young Canadian television writer and his artist friend were prowling the docks in Montreal in search of a munitions ship headed for blockaded Cuba. Their goal was to sign on as crewmen, as a first step in their planned journey of adventure around the world. Instead, they find themselves signed on to a Norwegian freighter bound for Africa. Thus began a journey that took them from Montreal to Capetown South Africa, and finally by jeep through thirteen countries of colonial Africa to Cairo, and on to thirty other countries.

On the way, they drive through countries in turmoil, walk into the middle of a riot, travel to remote locations, meet fascinating tribes, sleep on the ground, get chased by elephants, attempt to climb Kilimanjaro, and camp on the Serengeti Plains during the great animal migrations. Falling in love with Africa, its' peoples, its' animals, its' incredible scenery, and intriguing cultures, makes an engaging tale, as two city boys from the Canadian prairies talk their way through border controls as they head north on the toughest route they can find, in a battered jeep and with little money.

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The author in Egypt

Before climbing Kilimanjaro

Roughing it in the Valley of the Kings - Egypt

Zulu Princess at Royal Reed Dance

View from Sani Pass Basutoland

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